Weapons of Mass Distraction

Stay Focused

I’m trying to cut out distractions that prevent me from getting stuff done. You know, the digital catnip that pulls you from that looming work deadline, upcoming bill or anything else that needs to get done ASAP but doesn’t, because, well…I’m not quite sure what happens if I miss a detail of Jennifer Aniston’s wedding (is that still happening, btw?)

I sat down the other day to identify and knock out the biggest offenders –  headlines, compelling stories, images, or products that masterfully lure me from the task at hand. My plan: to figure out what disables me (much like kryptonite acts on Superman) so I can avoid it in the hopes of becoming even an eency bit more productive.

With that, I’ve identified the top 5 distractions that get me every time. Any of these lure you in recently?

1. Any article that boasts a picture of Kim & Kanye. Look, I’ve made peace that I engage in activities that kill a few brain cells every now and then. But the amount I have learned about these two since they gave birth simply defies logic. I resolve to know 100% less about them starting NOW.

George2. Links to articles with the word Photoshop + any of the following: “controversy”, “before and after” , “celebrity”. When this combination of words appears I cannot click fast enough.

Think you’re above all? Let’s see if you’re tempted to click this link of  before and after Photoshop shots of Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, George Clooney, etc? Yeah, may the odds be ever in your favor. They aren’t in mine, that’s for damned sure.


3. Any email touting a beauty product that acts as a “Primer” – this is grade A catnip for the over 35 set – because what does a primer do? It makes things adhere better. Once upon a time I used a primer to prep walls before slapping on a coat of paint –  now, why not apply that same principal to my body? Who can’t see the benefit of an “eye lid primer”, or a “facial primer”? Is it any wonder recently shelled out $20, for a “hair primer”????

Total waste, by the way. Save your money.

boho4. Any email that references a particular style, whether it’s “Bohemian”, “Classic”, “Preppy”, “Edgy” – even if it doesn’t appeal to me, I’m in. I just have to see what the Bohemian, Classic, Preppy, Edgy crowd is wearing and where they are theoretically hanging out. How else will I be able to recognize them? Shopbop and Piperlime, you bitches have my number.



Majestic Pet Bed

5. A flash sale touting a pet bed (I have dogs who deserve only the best – provided it’s on massive sale). I’ll purchase it 10% faster if it includes the words “comfort” or “majestic” – case in point – Groupon’s recent “majestic pet bed”. This time the word “bagel” was thrown in for good measure. Not sure if that helped or hindered but let’s just say, it’s ordered and should arrive shortly.



What’s your catnip? Tell me, please!




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  1. I guess you could say my catnip is…cats! You name it; toys, videos, pictures, TV shows (Must Love Cats) are a guilty pleasure and an addiction. I’m “owned” by a very demanding feline, Lucy, who insists on constant attention. Ah, well…it makes us both happy, and calm.

    • Totally agree with you! I should have included dogs and cats as well. I’m a total sucker for a cute picture or video of either. Will add to my list – thanks!

  2. Your blog is great.
    Um, my catnip is dog toys and treats, all of the emails from GoodReads, audible, etc. that keep me adding MORE books to my wish list, and Loft sales. Facebook is a major issue as well. :P

    • Aw, thanks!!! I forgot about GoodReads – is it catnip if it makes you smarter (even theoretically)??? I just read 2 great books thanks to GoodReads: The Glass Castle and The Light Between Oceans. Seriously recommend both.

  3. I get lost in Popsugar.com which leads to Buzzsugar.com, Fitsugar.com, Tressugar.com. You get the picture. I love my sugars. Great blog!

    • Jenn, couldn’t agree more with you about anything mentioning sugar – how sweet it is! (Couldn’t resist)…

  4. Travel porn gets me every time. But then I’m a travel writer so it’s very convenient to lie to myself and say I’m doing research.
    Melinda Crow recently posted..Don’t Make Decisions in the Dark That You’ll Regret in the MorningMy Profile

    • Melinda, I’m with you. And I think it’s beautiful that your profession allows you to (1) lie to yourself at your convenience and (2) surf the internet looking for idyllic spots. I plan to check out your blog!

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