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Join me on a 5 minute journey and I’ll prove to you the dice game Tenzi, while positioned as a game for kids, is really made for you.

It was a typical hot day in August here in Texas. You know what August days are like in Texas? Hot. Not Africa hot, not Vegas hot, but a unique version of hot that can best be expressed thusly:


The kind of hot that evokes words like “blazing”, “humid” and “unbearable”. It was August, the end of summer, and the ennui (fancy word for boredom) set in – along with TV Ads for school clothes, supplies, shoes, and whatever else could plausibly be tagged as a “back to school” item.

But I digress – the natives (a 10, 9, and 7 year old) peered out at the pool contemplating how long it would take to layer enough sunblock to avoid spontaneous combustion in the 104 degree heat.

Then, out of the blue, mom walked in with a spring in her step. What was up her sleeve? (they wondered).

The answer: Tenzi



Tenzi is a dice game. An award winning dice game. But “game” doesn’t do it justice – it’s an all out assault against your opponents. It requires fast reflexes, eagle eyes, and the ability to make decisions – QUICKLY. It can be played with 1 to 4 players who each get 10 dice.

Here’s how it works:

When someone yells “GO!” each player begins rolling furiously trying to be the first to roll all 10 of the same number first at which point the winner can SEIZE VICTORY BY YELLING “TENZI!!!!”.

Can’t you feel the excitement??? Take THAT, ennui. As a bonus, there are 10 variations of Tenzi included in the Tenzi package and more (73 at last count) in a booklet sold separately.

Here’s how our young friends describe the game after playing with it for a few days:

1. “Fun!”, “Cool!”, “Different” – different is key (which is why it’s in bold). No one likes to play the same game repeatedly. Different leads to curiosity, leads to let’s check this out, leads to let’s play another round this time I go first. Leads to mom having ‘me time’. A good result.

2. “Could be used at parties”, “Could be used for stacking”, “Could be used on a trip” – aha! It’s compact and travels well, also versatile (name another toy that can be used for ‘stacking’ in less than 2 minutes – didn’t think so).

3. The best part of the game? “It can be played lots of different ways”, “it’s great for competing against others” – IMPORTANT – Tenzi comes with instructions to play it 10 different variations. Think you’ll get bored of this game? Not bloody likely, my friend. Not until you’ve exhausted all 10 variations and even then all you need to do is add another player and it’s a whole new game.

And what about competition? Healthy competition, I mean. Limit the stealing of diaries, chasing each other in an attempt to beat each other to a pulp, general name calling (somewhat). Open up to competition between reflexes, dexterity, and mental cognition.

To summarize, Tenzi: if you’re not playing it or giving it to your kids to play with, stocking up to have it on hand to give as an awesome birthday gift, you’re stuck with a bunch of whining kids on a hot / rainy / snowy / freezing day or scrambling around for a last minute birthday gift for the umpteenth birthday party of the year.

And don’t you deserve better???

Of course you do. You deserve a calm setting with a bunch of kids having fun while you enjoy a nice glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc / rich Pinot Noir /  warming Cabernet (based on your preference) and whatever else tickles your fancy.

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  1. What’s the age range for Tenzi? Sounds like fun: )

    • Hi Ciara – it’s recommended for kids that are 4 and up (no age limit). I let my in laws use it and they had a great time playing with it!
      BadAunt recently posted..Tenzi – the cure for My Profile

  2. how do you use the tenzi cards??

  3. how do you use the Tenzi cards?

    • Hi there – they basically come up with 77 other ways to play Tenzi such as making an animal sound every time you roll, standing on one foot, etc. The 10 basic ways that come with the Tenzi game are more math related while the 77 other ways are more creative / silly. Lots of fun though!

  4. This really looks fun! (Especially the part about me relaxing with a glass of Cabernet while the kids play…)
    RebeccaSylvester recently posted..Are You Letting Information Overload Kill Your Business?My Profile

    • Rebecca – I strongly believe a game should engage kids the right way which = a moment (or two) of peace for mom, dad, aunts, uncles, etc. :-)

  5. My eight-year-old son recently received Tenzi, and we love it! Tenzi is easily played, and the rounds/games are short (which makes it attractive to kids with short attention spans, and busy grown-ups).
    Our family plays about ten rounds/games of Tenzi (which is only a twenty or thirty minute time-investment … depending on how we play, and how silly we get).
    I wouldn’t call Tenzi an educational game (although it is based on numbers), but it is great fun for kids and grown-ups who want to bond with their kid/s!

    • Thanks for the comments – I do love the fact that it can be a quick game and enjoyable for kids and adults. Even though it’s not technically an educational game I think it can definitely improve kids’ reflexes (and keep older folks’ reflexes sharp :-)
      BadAunt recently posted..Finally: a game for kids that you deserveMy Profile

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