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Cristina Sierra_14I grew up in Boston during a simpler time, before home computers, laptops sorry – tablets, Facebook, and Coke Zero. As a child, I reveled in unstructured play (I think that’s what my parents called it). I still remember my favorite toy—a Mattel record player. I realize I should have been learning the harp, honing soccer skills, and studying Chinese. Still, playing my 4 records endlessly fed my love of music which lead to piano lessons, which resulted in an adult who adores music in all forms.

Never underestimate the power of play. Or a great toy.

When I grew up I went into consulting for the big eight, six, four, ??? and worked for a few tech companies in the Silicon Valley. I gained a lot of skills (translation: I did not win the e-commerce lottery) but I maintained a passion for toys, gifts, and finding ways to make life easier. If anyone I worked with was expecting a baby – SHAZAM! – off I went in search of a great gift.

After many moons I came to a realization: despite their thoughtful intentions, busy people don’t always have time or resources to find and send gifts to kids in their lives. I had one co-worker with 15 nieces and nephews. Seriously. How do you stay on top of THAT – finding, purchasing, wrapping, and shipping birthday and holiday gifts 15 times (30 with holidays).

Her: “I want to badly to be the good aunt but I miss that first birthday in January then it’s all downhill from there.”

So what came to me was a way to turn her into the good aunt (over dinner at a Thai restaurant): a service called Gift Planagement™ which I offer via my site, NeverMissGift.com. What is it? Plan once (i.e. register your kids and their occasions with my service) , and in advance of the date you get an email with 3 awesome gift recommendations custom selected for each niece, nephew, godchild, grandchild. But WAIT there’s more – the service also ensures a the gifts gets packed, wrapped, and delivered including a gift message (keeping you informed and looking like that rockstar aunt / uncle / godparent / grandparent).

How exactly? Feel free to check out how the magic works, here!

macgyverMy goal: to be the MacGyver of gifting. For now, I’m happy earning my stripes as the Founder & Gift Maven of NeverMissGift.com.

So what am I doing here on a blog? My crew and I scour toy fairs nationwide looking for unique, environmentally responsible, educational, and best of all – inspiring toys, books, and gadgets for kids up to 15. I like to write about my finds, reviews by my toy testers (a rag tag group of scallywags), throw in cool solutions that get me through my day (and may help you in your daily life), mix in my experience of being and raising a kid, bake at 350 degrees for a few hours and here it is.

So for anyone that just wants toy or gift recommendations, random thoughts on life, or life hacks – read on! Or better yet, subscribe!

Thanks for reading and I would love to connect with you about any of the above – oh, and if you ever need a gift recommendation, ping me and I’ll help you out.

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BONUS – feel free to check out my guest post on Elizabeth Banks Blog, here.


Cristina Sierra

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