Juniorbeads: a new way to show Valentine’s Day <3

Whitman's SamplerEvery year for Valentine’s Day, my parents gave me a Whitman’s Sampler.

Some context: we weren’t in today’s golden age of chocolate like today, where we have easy access to dark chocolate salted caramel for goodness sakes…

I’d spend hours enjoying that box of chocolates, or at least most of it (I had no use for the cherry cordial, coconut, other nuts, or white chocolate). I’d spend countless minutes with a knife carefully dissecting each piece to figure out what was inside. Sure, I could have looked at the legend but where was the fun in that?

Now that I think about it, I actually consumed very few chocolates. Maybe it was the excitement of the box itself and knowing it was a special gift reserved for Valentine’s Day that made it so awesome?

When I grew older it was flowers or a simple piece of jewelry. I still remember the joy of getting something small to commemorate a day devoted to love.

JuniorBeadsWhich is why I love JuniorBeads so much. I’m already a huge fan of Chewbeads, those lovely necklace and bracelets for new moms. As you can probably guess by the name, Chewbeads are made for moms with teething babies (they are made from the same material as pacifiers and bottle nipples and can be thrown in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning). They are awesomely effective at giving mom AND baby a little relief. Remember the mom that used to be able to have a conversation while holding her baby? She’s back!

Juniorbeads are the next step up – for little girls. They are simple, elegant, and like chew beads, made from 100-percent silicon (the same stuff used in pacifiers and bottle nipples) that is BPA- and lead-free.

Each piece is designed to stand up to kid-style wear and tear, and still look good after a cleaning. Try saying that about your average strand of beads. Anyone else tired of finding remnants of more their children’s necklaces on the floor of their car, lining various drawers of their house and in their purse?

Me too!

And lest you fear, their style complements any outfit, from everyday clothes, to a birthday party dress, to dress up for kids age 3 – 8. For an older girl I’d layer on a few to get the “pre Coco Channel” look.

I’m guessing that if Juniorbeads around when I was a kid, I might have ditched the Whitman’s and had a lot more fun enhancing my favorite outfit – just like these gals. And if you miss Valentine’s Day, don’t worry – this still makes the perfect birthday gift, “just because” gift, or “your favorite aunt / uncle is in town” gift.

Juniorbeads and Chewbeads come in various colors and price ranges from $18 – $42. They can be found at www.nevermissgift.com

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Gripe – Spanx: it’s time to get some real models

Spanx Model

A popular flash shopping site (Ruelala) featured a Spanx boutique recently. No issue so far. BUT Spanx selected models that resemble this twig here on the left, which simply made me grumpy. And that’s just not how I like to start my New Year.

Really Spanx? This is the woman who you feel needs your product? I’m sorry – but did you not catch the fact that she’s missing thighs? Personally, I feel that the only use this gal has for a set of Spanx is as a base layer (one of possibly 12 more more) for a trip to the wintery North. Anyone else feel this way?

I don’t mean to go all femi-nazi on a multi-gabillion dollar empire which flourishes as women’s insecurity grows, but this crosses the line. You’re touting your product as an accessory that helps women hold it all in and gain a smooth, cinched in look – which is a little far fetched with this gal. There is no cinching required here. This is a cinch free zone.

Here’s an idea: why not show an image of a normal woman before and after Spanx? Or if you don’t want to show actual people (ick, right?) how about showing your product being put to the test?


Let’s see what I can dig up. Oh wait – here we go:

I’ll be the first to admit this image isn’t optimal – but frankly one carefree search for images of animals wearing underwear and what appears is now burned on my brain and threatening to scar me for life (ps: I highly recommend avoiding searches on the internet involving the words “barnyard animal” + “lingerie”).

Going for some alone time to think happy thoughts. Be back later…